Anybody use Kayo Sports?


Has anybody on here used or currently using Kayo Sports for their sports streaming?

The reason I ask is that I noticed that they are streaming the NRL live in 2019 and I was wondering what the streaming quality is like. I am fed up with Foxtel, I have a HD IQ3 and all I ever use it for it to watch NRL matches on, yet have to pay through the nose for bloated channels I don’t even use. At $25 p/m Kayo Sports is the much better option price wise but I ma not sure about the quality.

Can anybody vouch for Kayo Sports? I might be tempted to take up their trial offer and see how it goes.


Doesn’t look like any feedback forthcoming Steve. If you do go for the free trial I would be interested in your impressions. Cannot use it at the moment as I would need Android TV support which is supposed to be coming in the future.

I got fed up with Ausstar (Regional Foxtel) over 10 years ago and gave them the flick.


I’ll probably give it go when the NRL season starts.