Panthers Contract Thread


:star: Penrith Panthers Player Contact Details

Player Contract Expires Signed in 2019 Off Contract Top 30 Source
Caleb Aekins 2020 :star: [Source]
Waqa Blake 2023 :white_check_mark: :star: [Source]
Reagan Campbell-Gillard 2024 :star: [Source]
Jed Cartwright 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Nathan Cleary 2023 :star: [Source]
Dylan Edwards 2020 :star: [Source]
Wayde Egan 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Kaide Ellis 2020 :star: [Source]
James Fisher-Harris 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Tyrell Fuimaono 2019 :white_check_mark: :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Tim Grant 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Jack Hetherington 2018 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Sione Katoa 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Viliame Kikau 2022 :star: [Source]
Moses Leota 2022 :star: [Source]
Jarome Luai 2018 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
Nick Lui-Toso 2020 :star: [Source]
James Maloney 2020 :star: [Source]
Josh Mansour 2021 :star: [Source]
Tyrone May 2020 :star: [Source]
Sam Mckendry 2019 :negative_squared_cross_mark: [Source]
Trent Merrin 2020 :star: [Source]
Joey Peato 2018 :negative_squared_cross_mark: [Source]
Tyrone Phillips 2018 :negative_squared_cross_mark: :star: [Source]
James Tamou 2020 :star: [Source]
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 2020 :star: [Source]
Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 2020 :star: [Source]
Dean Whare 2022 :star: [Source]
Isaah Yeo 2021 :star: [Source]

Coaching Staff

Player Contract Expires Signed in 2019 Off Contract Source
Ivan Cleary 2023 :white_check_mark: [Source]

Player Movements

Player Movement Club To/From Contract Expires Source
Tyrone Peachey :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Gold Coast Titans 2021 [Source]
Christian Crichton :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2021 [Source]
Oliver Clark* :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Wests Tigers 2020 [Source]
Tom Eisenhuth* :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Melbourne Storm 2019 [Source]
Corey Harawira-Naera :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2022 [Source]
Adam Keighran :small_red_triangle_down:OUT New Zealand Warriors 2020 [Source]
Maika Sivo :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Parramatta Eels 2020 [Source]
Corey Waddell :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2020
Soni Luke :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Wests Tigers 2020
Chad O’Donnell :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Released
Jayden Walker :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Released
Peter Wallace :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Retired N/A [Source]
Tim Browne :small_red_triangle_down:OUT Retired N/A [Source]

 * Already Departed

Updated 2nd November 2018


Re-signed Nick Lui-Toso >>> Contract Ends 2020


Tom Eisenhuth >>> Released
Oliver Clark >>> Released


Reagan Campbell-Gillard >>> Contract Ends 2024


Kaide Ellis >>> Contract Ends 2020


I like the new format of this page, very easy to see who’s coming and going without having to trawl through pages of posts.

Hopefully we hear about Cleary’s future sooner rather than later, I get the impression from his on-field performances of late it may be playing on his mind.


Caleb Aekins >>> Contract Ends 2020


Tim Grant >> New Signing (Contract ends 2019)


Great news!! I hope he can regain his old form I thought he was good for us when he was here, still remember him playing State of Origin and having a graet game against Petero.


OK so lets throw a curve ball to everyone. Who is now the most important signature for 2020 onwards Nathan Cleary (worth millions apparently) or Jerome Luai (not so much money). For the record before Jerome debuted I would have given Nathan almost anything he wanted now I am not so sure


you keep both young guns.
Maloney won’t last as long.
Cleary 5/8, Luai halfback.


Can’t agree more Puss, that is the ideal outcome.

Blood Luai as a fullback for the rest of this season, centre or wing the next.

Mind you, it’s going to take some wheeling and dealing to keep both of them, but if anyone can do it, Gus can.


I agree. Long term your halves combination should be Cleary & Luai.


Viliame Kikau >>> Contract Ends 2022


After last weeks effort it is more than well deserved!


Corey Harawira-Naera granted a release from last 2 years of his contract to join Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs on a 4 year deal, expiring 2022.


I guess it’s all part of the [5 year] plan.

So with reports that Merrin is off to Knights & Tamou to Raiders, and now CHN gone & only Tim Grant coming (back), not sure where we are headed


Nathan Cleary >>> Contract End 2023


Good news.

Can we expect an announcement soon on a coach!


Can we expect an announcement soon on a coach!

I think we may get an announcement within the next couple of weeks and another one in about 2 years time.