Time to Reset the team


I think many would concede this season is done with and with this in mind i believe its time to reset and prepare for next season.

With that in mind and with “rumours” circulating about some players and futures of some known i would look to do this.

With Maloney going at season end i believe its time to either find our next #6 from within the club or look for an outstanding #6 at another club with a view to bring them over now if possible.

Its time to let go of the Maloney experience and begin to build around Nathan and he needs a 6 who will fit his game

Since Segyaro has signed with Broncos i also would look to find a 9 who again would be our long term 9

Its rumoured DWZ wants out and is off to Parra and if this is true cut him loose now as well or play him in reserves and give a kid a go who will be our long term choice at wing/f/b

More broadly its now time to cut loose those who want our or are going and bring in the future

This year is shot so the best we can now do is give these new players game time with what will be our team into next year.

Hard to believe its 9 games i and we are having to contemplate what our team my look like next year

In short its time to reset and clean out those who don’t want to stay.


Not sure about that just yet SBF, I would be more inclined to give some younger guys more 1’s game time, see who we have with the capability and attitude who haven’t seen 1’s yet. This also sends a big notice.

Happy with the changes made this week, still 1 or 2 who will hopefully fire now IC has shown he is up for the challenge.

Watch this space !


… I’d like to know if NC will fire without Maloney or rise to the occasion.
That’s my big concern. Happy to give Luai and/or whoever deserves the
opportunity to partner him a go ASAP. Surely we can’t wait to offseason
to make up our minds.