A chance of making history?

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but running my eyes over the history books I noticed something.

The only year we have had a better record after 7 games was 1991, where we had a 6-1-0 record (ironically with a draw against Newcastle).

If we win next week against the Tigers, we will equal our record from 1991 (lost to Wests in round 8)

If we can make it through to round 12 without another loss, we will eclipse the record of the 1991 team. With matches against the Tigers, Sharks, Cowboys & Titans coming up, our game against Manly in round 12 could be our shot at history.

History beckons, are we up to the challenge?


Shhhhhhh - lets talk about this in October lol

Good info though :flushed:


Don’t jinx it mate. :sweat_smile:


There shall be no talk of premiership glory at this stage!!! :slight_smile:


I’m not really talking about a premiership. I’m referring to the short term goals of having a better start than the 1991 side (which would be a good foundation for a premiership)

Does anyone know of a market for Clive Churchill medal?

I noticed on TAB today, we are $7.50 to win the GF but $6 to win the Minor prem. :money_mouth_face:

Today is the day. If we win or draw today, we have a better record than the 1991 team over the opening 11 rounds.

Our best ever start to a season. 2020 v 1991 after 11 rounds.

Running my eyes over the history books again, we are on the cusp of creating more history.

If we win next week, it will be the best performance in the regular season since the undefeated Dragons of 1959.

Even if we lose, we are still the best since Manly in 1995 (2 losses).

While some may argue about the shortened season, the average Minor Premiers lose approximately one quarter of their matches (which would equate to 5 losses this year). Even some of the greatest teams of the past have lost 3-4 matches during the season.

Regardless of what happens next week, we will go down as the best team in 25 years, probably the best in 60 years.

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Impossible to make comparisons especially against eras but to win a Premiership puts any team and player in a class of their own.
This years squad (2020) have done some remarkable things and should be very proud of what they have achieved but the holy grail for them is yet to be attained

If this team can go on to win the GF…its record and list of achievements will put them in a class of their own.

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What about Jack Hetherington, will that be a record, the only player to start the comp with a premiership winning club, play for an opposition team mid season and return to the said premiership club before the finals start?

Sounds unheard of to me lol

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