Coaching Circus

Is the NRL losing its integrity given the contractual situation of both players and coaches alike. I personally hate the fact our sport has such an “ill disciplined” contractual situation. How do we as a sport stop the rot and make contracts mean something. As a fan you don’t want to chop and change your recruitment on a whim, you want to support the team, if that team have no confidence in the organisation what chance do we as fans have expecting results?


Agree. It’s a poor look. NRL is a circus run by a bunch of clowns.
But, woe is me, Panthers got the ball rolling. Something I’m not
proud of.

What do you do about it. Maybe we should have an annual reserve or assistant coaches draft for those looking for a first grade gig.This way should things go awry half way through a season you know precisely who’s next cab off the rank.
Buggered if I know !!!

Agree, it is not a good look, and far from ideal. That said, I’m not too sure what can be done about it.

A contract (whether for a player or a coach) is there for the benefit & protection of both parties. Once one wants to exit the contract, the contract ‘protects’ the other party, but at the end of the day, what club wants a player or coach who doesn’t want to be there, or won’t be there to the contact end? So ultimately the parties mutually agree to break the contract.

Of course, there have been cases where both parties could not agree, and if one party stands their ground, it literally becomes a stand-off. Going back, I recall the Russell Mullins fiasco at our club, where they tried to ‘sack’ him and he just turned up for training, so they had to pay him. Or Tallis, who sat out the remainder of his contract when the club wouldn’t release him to go elsewhere.

In the past, clubs used to blame the player managers for all this contract breaking, and of course all clubs blame the salary cap when they want to move people along. As Puss says our club were deeply involved in the coaching merry-go-round, including sacking a recently re-signed coach, and chasing a contracted one (who we had previously sacked), and Gould gave 3 contracted players permission to seek deals elsewhere during 2018. The players were not initially named, but it is now obvious that they were Peachey, CHN and Merrin, who are all gone now - early.

I will support our club, our players and coach (well maybe with a bit of criticism :slight_smile: ) but that doesn’t mean I support some of the things the club does.

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yeah … what he said. :blush:

Verbal and NRL contracts are not worth the paper they are written on.

… if these so-called contracts are registered with the NRL
for ‘salary cap’ purposes, don’t the NRL ultimately have the
power to veto them. Whoops, back where we started, NRL.

Wouldn’t the verbal ones not be worth the paper they’re not written on? :slight_smile:

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Maybe an age system, if your under 20 say, you cannot sign for more than 2 years, 20 - 25 3 years, 25-30 5 years, after 30 it’s club risk as long as you want.

Regardless it all boils down to the legalities of the document, but if the NRL took a stance of contract conformity, the game itself would be better off IMO.

I hate what is happening ATM particularly cause it’s the Panthers…ugly, ugly, ugly

Apparently the NRL are going to look at restrictions on signing coachesmore than a year out now. It would have saved the mess that this offseason has become amongst the coaching ranks.