Covid 19 lockdown

‘ Qld close border to greater Sydney.’
Thank you so much Anastasia. Please allow us to return the compliment. We don’t want you here either.

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These toads have got no idea. Whilst Penrith is listed incidentally as a hotspot. Damn right, some hot footy going down here. Central Coast is
accordingly (according to Anastasia) listed as part of greater Sydney.
If they do get the covid up north they’re in deep Shiite???

Interested at the term ‘Greater Sydney’ I had to look it up, to see what was the ‘definition’. Seems it not clearly defined, and differed to the old ‘Sydney Metropolitan Area’ that was used in the past. Remember that Penrith was not in metro area and was STD call from the city years ago. The line was between Werro & Kingswood :slight_smile:

I thought that “Sydney” was bounded by Pacific Ocean in east, Nepean R in west & Hawksbury R in north, and not to sure about south. A definition attributed to Bureau of Statistics is “extends from Wyong and Gosford in the north to the Royal National Park in the south and follows the coastline in between. Towards the west, the region includes the Blue Mountains, Wollondilly and Hawkesbury.”

So who knows?? Anyway, wasn’t going to canetoad territory anyway!

3 new cases in Qld, that’ll do me, hotspot,hotspot. Shut the borders !!!
Shut the economy, shut her mouth.

but again, a couple of naïve teenagers who couldn’t give a rats arse about anyone else off spreading the virus…4k fine BIG DEAL

People like this should spend the 14 days in JAIL :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I do feel sorry for one of the girls because she has a mouth that looks like a baboon’s arse.
Seriously though these idiots need shooting. But perhaps there is a God and they die from the virus.
Heartless? In this case, yes indeed.

Puss, I know you are not Anastasia’s biggest fan (and, for that matter neither am I) but have you checked out the alternative. There is a chance in the upcoming state election that I will vote labour for the first time in my life.

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Birdman, you didn’t mention they’re Qlders.
I don’t care for politics in any state. My dislike for the toad queen
stems from her demeanour. The holier than thou attitude reeks of an arrogance unprecedented during this pandemic. She’s smug, supercilious
and I dare say not as smart as she thinks she is. We’re all in this together
they say, c’ept for your Anastacia and her ‘toy boy’ health minister who I wouldn’t let carry Kerry Chants lunch box. I want ALL States and territories
to beat this stinking virus and it just might make it easier if we ALL co-operated with one another instead of pointing fingers at one another’s border.
And now we’ve got another Qlder Mr Palmer wanting his share of the limelight. God help us all !


I thought that was a new symptom of the virus, but apparently she would have paid a lot of money to look like that - go figure. Oh, and I am no oil painting myself.

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As I understand it, they were far from naïve in the manner they were able to get back into QLD. Surely some official would be checking flight records to prevent what they did (now apparently 3 of them) to circumvent the rules. And now, even after they are caught out, at least one of them is refusing to provide details of where she has been since returning.

Lock the…………… idiot up !

People like the Botox sisters are the reason we will end up with harsher restrictions again.

Personally I’m in favour of going into a hard lockdown again for 6-8 weeks, to try to get to 0.

I know a lot of people are against it, but the short term pain would be better than a long protracted battle, with several cycles in & out of lockdown.

If that happens mutley, I’m likely to lose my job.

That is what pisses me off about these parasites, self adulation contest regardless of consequences !

That’s no good Kevin. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

I will be one of many if it happens trust me, those that were on the brink last time will definitely go under this time round.

Just saw the pics of these idiots…The new generation, I fear for societies future, my daughter will be the outcast, being raised normal !

‘police are expecting 8000 Qlders to fly into Brisbane from interstate today
before Anastacia’s latest border restrictions come into effect’

and don’t come back !!!

Where the hell these people been Anastacia after your warnings not to travel

be careful Puss, you will run out of rocks lol

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good point. I’ll shut up.

When’s the footy on ???

Vic doing 35k tests a day, being told 2-5 days for results…the temptation to leave the house will get the better of most of these and on and on it goes…….

Qld’s a hotspot, well in the NT they are. But that didn’t stop a plane load (42)
to be exact of Qld tourists descending on Uluru. Bit of a worry with locals up that way, they don’t have much in the way of quarantine establishments.
A cupla toads have been bused to Alice Springs. Stay tuned, bound to hear more.

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