Covid 19 lockdown

Lock the…………… idiot up !

People like the Botox sisters are the reason we will end up with harsher restrictions again.

Personally I’m in favour of going into a hard lockdown again for 6-8 weeks, to try to get to 0.

I know a lot of people are against it, but the short term pain would be better than a long protracted battle, with several cycles in & out of lockdown.

If that happens mutley, I’m likely to lose my job.

That is what pisses me off about these parasites, self adulation contest regardless of consequences !

That’s no good Kevin. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

I will be one of many if it happens trust me, those that were on the brink last time will definitely go under this time round.

Just saw the pics of these idiots…The new generation, I fear for societies future, my daughter will be the outcast, being raised normal !

‘police are expecting 8000 Qlders to fly into Brisbane from interstate today
before Anastacia’s latest border restrictions come into effect’

and don’t come back !!!

Where the hell these people been Anastacia after your warnings not to travel

be careful Puss, you will run out of rocks lol

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good point. I’ll shut up.

When’s the footy on ???

Vic doing 35k tests a day, being told 2-5 days for results…the temptation to leave the house will get the better of most of these and on and on it goes…….

Qld’s a hotspot, well in the NT they are. But that didn’t stop a plane load (42)
to be exact of Qld tourists descending on Uluru. Bit of a worry with locals up that way, they don’t have much in the way of quarantine establishments.
A cupla toads have been bused to Alice Springs. Stay tuned, bound to hear more.

Just for the record Puss, I am not one of the 42; I’m still on the Gold Coast and have only had to cancel 5 holidays so far due to Covid. Highlight of the week are Thursday mornings when we go shopping. :unamused:

and watching the Panthers !!!

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Thursday morning is when the Best Bets comes out, profitable last week :money_mouth_face:

Apparently there is an “Anti-mask” rally planned for Sunday in Melbourne. :man_facepalming:


Should make a rule for that protest, no-one is allowed to attend unless they have one of their blood relative grandparents present. Then if a positive result arises from that protest, and in turn your grandparent who attended dies, you go to jail for murder !

The point of the comment is as ludicrous as the subject matter - absolutely insane !!!

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And now some peanut has been spreading it like wildfire incl Penrith Plaza last Saturday.

Put the peanut in jail for 2 weeks, that’ll stop him spreading it, to the public at least !

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If Qld are so squeaky clean, why can’t their tracers lend a hand in Victoria? Just sayin !


Looks like the protest might be off now. Organisers have been arrested.

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Test #3 this morning.

Have to miss the game & my sisters 40th

Thanks to all the morons that aren’t taking this seriously


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