Covid 19 lockdown

I know diabetics that drink, probs not the smartest thing to do but they manage it.

Is this condition new for you or something you’ve dealt with most of your life?

As a long time home brewer I will certainly second that! Love to know your one exception, but mine is Carlton Draught - you wouldn’t want to know what’s in it, but it certainly shouldn’t be called beer.

No Barley Malt, No Hops, only similarity’s is the yeast and water

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I know the feeling. I too am diabetic (Insulin dependent) with Disaccharidase deficiency syndrome thrown in - basically intolerance to lactose, gluten and to a lesser extent, maltose. I manage a glass of Rose now and again - not game to push it. The effects are not pleasant.

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The only thing worse than VB………I hate saying the word :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s pretty recent (the alcohol thing). I was diagnosed at a Type 2 a long time ago, and on meds. But I landed in hospital last year with DKA, and I was told in ICU that I wasn’t Type 2 but a special type of Type 1 (A type where insulin production decreases as I get older) and I would need to go on insulin.

Since then alcohol has a terrible effect, absolutely wrecks me (not as in getting drunk, more like nausea). I can have a the occasional schooner every once in a blue moon, but for the most, I keep away from it.

wow Steve, I hope you’ve got a handle on it, particularly mentally.

I have a relation who was diagnosed at 22 and is now insulin dependant, the poor bugger really struggled with it early, he was a very sociable lad with lots of mates, basically went from life of the party to stick in the mud…and that was if he turned up. He is doing good now so reality takes a bit of time to get used to right.

All power to you mate !

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You guys downloading the COVID-Safe App?

I loaded the app on the first day. Driving public buses in the worst effected area in Australia, I thought it was only common sense to have it.

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I had to laugh when people were posting on Facebook that they would not download the COVID app because they didn’t want the government to invade their privacy. These people are sharing much more than the COVID app could ever garner thru their use of FB, Google etc etc. Even rewards cards collect much more about us than the COVID app will.

A telling point was when Prof Murphy was showing the graphs of how much we were not moving around - data collected from Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. without privacy concerns by many - and he said they have this data because these organisations track you, which the Covid-Safe app doesn’t!

People automatically accept all terms & conditions without even a thought for almost any app, so they can use social media, save a few $'s on their groceries, search the net and use maps etc, and yet they don’t want to provide a name (doesn’t even have to be real), their postcode, their age range for something that can save lives and minimize the medical and economic effects of the pandemic.


Good insightful post mrwalker!

Downloaded the app. Saw the code released by the government, and by all means it looks fine.

I does highlight that it does not use GPS data at all. It uses the phones bluetooth to find the address of other peoples bluetooth that is also using the app and broadcasting. It stores that address of which is attached to database of phone numbers. When you have had contact with that bluetooth address for 15 minutes it logs it.

When a person presents to a hospital and is confirmed to have COVID-19 the data will be downloaded from the phone and then forwarded to the server, which then sends a alert to all those in the log to say “Hey you have been in range of a person with COVID-19… you might want to go and get tested.”

I would congratulate the government on the initiative, but this idea has mostly been ripped from another country, I guess… congratulations for the foresight to lift a idea from a place it’s working. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, those who are skeptical about the app tracking you, there is no possible way for that to happen.


I remember when we first got the Opal cards on the buses, and people were telling me it was just another way for the government to track us. Meanwhile they were standing there holding their iPhones… :roll_eyes:

Can’t argue with the logic of a conspiracy theorist


Yep, same people using their iphones, google, ebay etc etc were the same ones up in arms when the government announced they were going to put some laws around metadata.


I use the same line with people who are saying “The government is tracking me”…

"Let’s be honest here… you’re not that interesting"


Why are our state leaders arguing over border closures?
Aren’t we ALL Australians? Shldn’t we be united in fighting
this pandemic scourge for the benefit of ALL Australians?
Some of these dignitaries couldn’t run a chook raffle without
politicising it. Recently Anzac Day was almost overlooked,
we fought under one flag … not six !!!

Agenda’s - everyone’s got one Puss !

Puss, I will not be lectured by a fellow member from the forum who lives in a state with the highest infection rate of Covid-19 in the country. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Dear Anastacia,
then please assist in keeping your NRL footballers on your side
of the fence. We wouldn’t want them to come down with the flu,
or worse still … !

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so Qld based billionaire Clive Palmer is dirty
WA won’t open their borders for him.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander!

You only need a quick gander at Palmer to realise that he is most certainly a goose!

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