Just when you thought the dumb was gone

Nathan Cleary had the image of a responsible, level-headed, mature-beyond-his-years bloke with his feet on the ground.

He’s comprehensively trashed that image by covering up & lying about his actions.

He would have been much better off admitting the whole thing straight up and copping it on the chin. Now, he’s probably got a harsher penalty, let the whole club down, and trashed his reputation into the bargain.

Ben Hogan - one of the greatest golfers of all time - once said “Your name is the most important thing you own. Don’t ever do anything to disgrace or cheapen it.”

First, Ivan Cleary walked out of his contract with the Tigers. Now his son has been exposed as untrustworthy & a liar.

Right now, the Cleary family name isn’t looking too flash.

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I love that Ben Hogan quote, sort of what I try to live by.

2 things I was told very young

  1. Think before you speak
  2. Honesty is the best policy, you shouldn’t get in trouble for being honest - I was about 10 at the time lol

Breaks the law. Gets punished by the law. Fair enough.
Problem being he is an NRL player. Punish them again. Maybe not fair enough.
On the bright side the NRL cannot invoke the death penalty - yet.

He is an employee, he can be disciplined as many times as “the boss” sees fit. If he doesn’t like it, go to HR…….or get another job !

The point I am trying to make Kevin is that his crime has nothing to do with his employment. For example, if the average person is pulled over for speeding and subsequently fined, would you expect his/her employer to hand down further punishment?

… bit of double dipping you reckon ?

What about a sales rep gets done DUI , loses license and can’t
visit his clients. Would the employer have a case to terminate
his employment ? I get what you’re saying but reckon this sort
of thing’s been happening for years. There’s the law of the land,
then a behaviour standard that’s policed by employers and society
in general. Given they don’t all end up with a fine & 2 match suspension.
More often a court may impose a sentence and the victim (in this case us)
sues for compensation. How do we apply ?

Puss, the employer may well have a case to terminate the employment. What I am saying is the employer should not be allowed to impose a fine and send him to prison.

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i think what a few are missing its not so much the act, it was Cleary’s deception and what has incurred the 2 match suspension and the fine

There are a few things in this whole saga and being dumb has plumbed new depths with Ceary JNR and Cleary SNR

What Dad let alone a coach wouldn’t have something to say about a convicted person living with you?

What was going on in the Cleary heads in allowing May to shack up with Nathan…seriously?

And what has added a new dimension is an aspiring Captain and potential future Panther legend deceiving the NRL about the events which occurred.

Lets face it, any mortal male would love 5 or 6 girls fawning over them but this is a new era, what was acceptable 5 years ago in now a no go zone.

What Cleary has done is unacceptable and his $30k fine won’t impact him but his 2 match ban will impact US the poor silly people who front up and cheer the team on year after year.

He has disrespected all sponsors and supporters by his actions, and my concern is going forward can he recover or is this the beginning of the end for Cleary.

I am not concerned about May as i don’t believe he offers us anything but Cleary held the key to our success IMO

What Cleary does in private is his concern but putting yourself on social media about what you are doing…well just ask May

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Agree with the majority of what you’ve said SBF however it is not Dad’s fault that NC is living with May. I recall being 21, I cannot imagine the worry and stress I put my parents through, yes they gave me advice, but I did what I wanted. OK I was the pin up boy…not of a multi million $$ competition however lol, but the mere fact he is living with May suggests YOUNG Nathan is finding out about the big bad world for himself.

I think it’s a good thing, time will tell.

As a Coach however, could be a very good opportunity to SHOW the entire panther group that his son is just another player when he is at work, depending on how we go, Burton gets another clear opportunity with Luai, I would give NC a stint on the sidelines (no reggies) in addition to the NRL 2 weeks. The NO BULLSHIT policy will return.

So what punishment should the playing group hand out to Nathan and Tyrone (noting that Tyrone’s hairdo from his last team punishment is still in place) or is the Coach’s son not liable to team punishment?

What about dancing lessons !!!


He has to make the lunches, I hope half of them are vegan…

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And all of them have to be Gluten Free.


What’s done is done.

Punishment has been issued. He is remorseful and has owned it. Let’s hope he pays us back like he has promised.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Let’s move on.


Fair point & absolutely correct, Griggsy.

I’d just point out that Cleary said pretty much the same things about being stupid & his actions not being good enough BEFORE it emerged that he lied to the Integrity Unit.

So, I’m happy to move on, but I’ll reserve judgement about how genuine he is until I see how he conducts himself for the rest of the year. If, as his father suggests, this whole epsiode helps him to grow & mature, then he’ll have shown a lot of character & that will be to his credit. Let’s hope that’s the case.


Looking at the video makes you wonder who was hooker and who was first receiver. However there is no doubt who was the dummy half.


I see what you did there AR :rofl:

Here’s a link to a story the SMH is running. Makes some fair points.

‘ boys, I say boys,
you’re about to exceed the limits of my medication.’ - foghorn leghorn !


Puss, I’d “like” this 30 times if I could. Anyone who quotes Foghorn Leghorn is all right with me!

Increasingly, though, NRL players seem to also have fallen under the influence of Wile E. Coyote. They shoot themselves in the foot, then empty the rest of the barrel into their kneecaps.

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