Off season/summer

What is everyone going to be doing during the off season to keep themselves entertained?

As usual, I’m going into the busy period at work, so most of my time & energy will be spent there until my next holidays in late February.

On my days off, weather & energy permitting, I’m going to be trying to get into bush walking again. I have a mate up at Bullaburra who is a similar fitness level to me who is also trying to get back into it, so we are trying to walk together (even if we live 2 hours apart).

Going to try to get a few short trips of 1-2 nights away in. Looking at Port Macquarie & Dubbo to visit relatives, as well as South Coast.

Apart from that I will probably watch some cricket, basketball, soccer & NFL. Will try to get through a few books too, as well as playing with my Rubik’s cubes (usually while the sport is on TV).

I was looking to go to S.A. - my Wife’s family live there and my daughter gets to see her cousins…but that looks like it has gone to shit !

So, my 3 weeks off will be booze (doing), golf (playing) and cricket (watching)


booze (doing), lawn (mowing), gandkids (visiting) regional !

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