Panthers Contract Thread

Only ever delighted it seems Puss :slight_smile:

James Fisher-Harris >>> Contract ends 2022 (Re-signed)

… ‘delighted’ with JFH signing?

yeah, yeah. me too. :wink:

… any further additions you blokes heard about ?

Frank Winterstein >>> Contract ends 2019 (New Contract)

Tyrone Phillips >>> Released (Resigned)

Given our current form we are going to have to put up with most of this rabble for years to come. Worse, there will be little money to bring in fresh talent. I would say, at the very least, 10 of the squad are under performing and, I hate to say it, at least 1 of the coaching staff.

Wayde Egan has his contract extended till end 2021 some time in the last month with little fanfare.

Tim Grant has terminated his contract with the Panthers effective immediately after suffering a pectoral injury in last week’s win against the Sea Eagles. While there was a small chance he could have successfully completed rehab to return this year, he’s opted instead for season-ending surgery and ended his contract.

Sad to see him go out like this, he’s been good for us this year. All the best TG.


I ‘liked’ North’s post because of the sentiment he expressed, not because Tim was going.

I am sorry to see a good guy go. His career was severely impacted when he was classified, along with others, as a greedy bastard and was basically pushed out of our club, and he then went from a very good player to a journeyman. I was very pleased to see him come back home and have the chance to show us the real Timmy. He is a class act, and his latest decision confirms that. Good luck mate.


Well said, Mr. Walker.

Thank you, Tim Grant, for your service to the Panthers & for your professionalism & selflessness. Recover well & best of luck for the future.

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was a surprise and hope he has something in life to move onto

Have to agree with Mr Walker
Great bloke and should have gone on to bigger things had his circumstances not changed
Best of luck to him, hope he sticks around the Panthers to mentor some of the young guys coming through

This comes as a bit of a shock, but wish him all the best.

He has certainly given it his all this year, and featured in our Pantherpride MOTM a number of times.

Wish Timmy well

Question will be who takes his place in the top30?

Kenny? With promotion to starting or bench effective from Sunday?

Maybe Billy Burns?

Panthers have granted a release to Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

My money is on both Kenny and Burns being elevated.

Hopefully DWZ’s realease puts the early season troubles behind us once and for all.

Always sad to see a junior depart, but given what was witnessed in the warriors game, plus the rumours, it’s in my humble option the best outcome for all parties.

… side note, like to keep hold of Malakai !

Interesting article on NRL about Macca;

Apparently he is not in the top 30 - wish the club or NRL would publish an updated list each week, as is becoming tricky to determine who is in an out.

Not sure if this means we have 2 vacant spots or just 1 (not counting May).

… and we should have an updated contract thread, Part 2 ?