R10 Panthers v Warriors - Game Day Thread

I will be having a few “Brian’s” (for Puss lol) tonight regardless, I just hope they don’t taste bitter by 7pm :beer::heart: Who am I kidding, even if they put 40 on us that beautiful liquid amber bliss commonly known as Tooheys New can never be tainted.

Those that are saying it’s how we start are missing the issue, our game tonight will be won or lost in the shed before a ball is kicked.

Just on the start time, it’s a bit late when you finish work at 12 on Fridays, Difficult to stay sober all afternoon :rofl:

… if ya lookin for something to do you can come and mow my lawn.:smirk:

I should be at the club by about 3pm, and eager for a drink after a 6 week dry spell (although not too many as I have to drive an hour to get home & am working tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Come to think of it, last time we won was also the last night I had a drink before my self imposed 6 week ban. So if you could all form an orderly queue to buy me a beer…

I would like to buy you a beer but the local brew is currently Chang.

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Crowd looks poor and gees Isaac Luke reminds me of Farrah…a real old head
Hope we are alert to his darts from dummy half

oh my

team get ready for a monster score
Blake missing tackles, Kikau cannot even keep out Luke…Tamou giving away penalties
12 nil

why…please tell me why we didn’t take the 2 in front???

Momentum - our 2 penalties 5 from their line, their 2 coming out of their own half.

To’o out of his depth !

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reckon Maloney is a liability in defence again, still.

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their kicking game is better than ours.

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Nikorima hasn’t cut loose yet either

they have intent, attitude. We have nothing

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Cleary should get Maloney off the field now…get Luai on while we may be able to turn this around

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they gang tackle and no Panther helps their team mate.

catch and pass nope. Blow tries yep.

Sorry all, I’ll shut up now. We’re dreadful.

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the sad thing is…Warriors are average

a very average team is making us look ordinary

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DWZ’s best tackle was on Edwards…and worse still i think DWZ meant to tackle Edwards

DWZ should have his contact torn up, that was a deliberate tackle on Edwards.

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and funny thing is…i believe he did as well

Which team is this Waqa Blake guy playing for? Certainly not us