R10 Panthers v Warriors - Game Day Thread

catch and pass nope. Blow tries yep.

Sorry all, I’ll shut up now. We’re dreadful.

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the sad thing is…Warriors are average

a very average team is making us look ordinary

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DWZ’s best tackle was on Edwards…and worse still i think DWZ meant to tackle Edwards

DWZ should have his contact torn up, that was a deliberate tackle on Edwards.

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and funny thing is…i believe he did as well

Which team is this Waqa Blake guy playing for? Certainly not us

and there goes Nikorima…this is a reserve grade team playing a park football side

we are terrible everywhere

N Cleary was made to look like a chump in that try

And here I was thinking we couldn’t get worse


don’t go too early SHF…this has a fair way to spiral out of control yet
now we have Luai playing hooker…what a joke

And Blake lets another one go to ground…

Absolutely woeful, words cannot describes be

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So much for my alcohol theory. We’d struggle to beat 13 tackling bags at the moment.

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Dear Ivan,
Your team cannot tackle.
Kind regards,

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ladies and gentleman that try will do me

15 metres out and he runs through us to the line

sorry folks but we have massive problems and sadly i have to ask again…was getting Cleary to save Cleary worth this mess?

One shouldn’t even think it but can we let both Cleary’s go?

i have a suggestion

the whole team should turn up late for training

well there goes 2019 without any doubt
I just hope the club had some clause in the contract to sack Cleary, in fact to sack both of them
The side is an embarrassment on every level.
and the scary thing is this is the side w have for years to come as they are all on huge contracts.

How did the board sign Cleary (Ivan) for 5 years?

How did Gould sign the bulk of this squad for outward years?

Griffin now looks like a genius and he was sacked by Gould

Anyone outside me see a club which has been ruined by a person called Gould???

Very sad !

These performances do not belong to true football heads - our minds are elsewhere.

Note : pretty obvious what DWZ thinks, he NEEDS to get out of this squad and appears to be doing what ever it takes to do it, problem is we have no one else.

Season over !!!

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DWZ, Blake and Katoa all need to move on.

Unfortunately only Katoa is not signed for next year.

DWZ contract expires 2020

Blake is 2024 or something stupid.

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Steamboat I don’t think Gould built it up just to tear it down.
No, the players are doing that themselves. They need to realise
he’s gone and not coming back. They also need to realise that
someone else is in charge and get on with it. They are letting
themselves down. Whether Cleary’s a good coach or not is a
mute point, pride has been sacrificed by our playing group.
They are better than that and can turn it around with the right
attitude and a common team voice.