R11 Eels v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Not flashy, not polished, but we showed a lot of grit - for the first time this season!

Great to see the team pulling together & playing for each other.


Given our season that is the only result I cared about.


Know what the plan was now…get Mitch Kenny in the team. Good to get the win.

That’s sure a sweet win.

Not perfect by any means, but the team played as a team, and that made all the difference.

That try saving tackle from Edwards and Luai said it all - team work, commitment and never say die attitude.

Not a lot of ball, but a great debut nonetheless from Kenny.

Iterating how well we go without DWZ in the team, maybe he has been the distraction this year after all.

Everyone (maybe bar Katoa) had a good game. We didn’t loose anything with Blake off the field either.

RCG and Mansour certainly lifted after being dropped to Reggies.

This was the type of team I was expecting to see in round 1.

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a good win aided by a Parra side who coughed up possession over & over again. You can only play what’s in front of you they say and the Panthers
did just that with a much improved effort. Despite injuries to JFH & Blake,
Mansour & RCG lifted their games. Edwards too showed significant improvement. Cleary and Luai were good without Maloney and our debutante made the most of his time with a solid performance. Nice to have something to cheer about.

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That was my grand final this year :rofl:

Still got issues with the refs, we are being nit picked for everything in the ruck while the opposition have to be blatant to be penalised. Again our inside the 20 will be questioned and again we received multiple penalties 1st and 2nd tackle in their 20, it’s not good enough from the whistle blowers. I would like to see a stat, who has received the most penalties inside the opposition 20, it’s us for sure.

agree re the nit picking. These refs furnished stats of teams performances?
I mean it’s like their coached on things to watch out for instead of just adjudicating on what transpires. That blatant leg pull on Cleary beggars belief. Good thing he scored shortly thereafter, I was fuming.

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I give the linesman wiped out by the trainer a wrap.
Got to his knees and raised his flag with a big smile.
Maybe they’re human after all !!!

TWO POINTS is the aim, and we got there.

Our effort was there, and we could have easily given up, but Parra were truly awful. We are going to have to overcome our demons & the refs to move up the ladder.

Great to see some smiles on the boys faces, and some of the post-match interviews were interesting.

I really do not understand what’s going on with Dallin. He wants to leave but joins the boys on the field after the game. I see Girds has ripped him a new one, so let’s see what happens.

Hope all have a good week, and let’s see what happens next Thu night.

:mega: Man of the Match voting is now open here.

The on thing that impressed me tonight more than anything was they stuck with it to the end and stayed committed through the whole game.

Many games this year you can pinpoint where the guys just laid down their swords and gave in, and it was just sad to watch, and it all game to a point in the Warriors match and that sad, sad, display.

But there were about 1,000 opportunities that the team could have given up and let Parramatta pry that win away from them, but they didn’t, I sure wasn’t a polished effort, but despite early on looking in shambles, a cohesive second half kept the Eels scoreless and handed them their first loss at Bankwest Stadium.

The try saving tackle for Luai was the highlight for me, the Eels looked to lock the game up and was stopped inches from the line, shutting the Eels out after multiple sets on our line.

RCG and Mansour looked to be fresh after their stint in the lower grades, and Tim Grant again was outstanding.

I don’t expect a form reversal overnight, but if we buckle down and get in the fight, we can disrupt the opposition in some these matches coming up, and grind out a win.

RCG appears to be missing off the poll Steve

Thanks, fixed.

Apologies to those who already have voted, you will have to vote again.

For mine, the game changer was a run by JFH just before Grants try. I was of the opinion the first half was 4 points to JFW and 2 to Kikau, after his injury it was noticeable that RCG and Mansour really stepped up.

We NEED massive improvement but WE BEAT PARRA :muscle::rofl:

Felt good to wear my jersey to work today.

Manly next week - reckon we can pull off another win? Feeling a bit more confident after their loss to the Titans tonight.

Not only did we beat them, we were the first team to beat them in their new stadium! One for the history books!

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