R17 Panthers v Titans - Game Day Thread

Luai is still young and has plenty of first grade in front of him to find his game.

At present though I see he only being able to play 6, unlike Maloney I’ve yet to see him actually control a game, that said his X factor is a fair compliment to Cleary’s game control at 7.

I do wish he would run the line a bit more, rather than all the sideways movement. Good thing Edwards knows to run angles off him, hopefully a few others will learn.

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate James Tamou. He was fairly average last season, but has seriously stepped up this year. His recent form has been exceptional as well. He’s helping to straighten-up our attack by running direct lines when we’re in second-phase play.


As of this moment, Tamou would have to be the best forward we have out there. The intensity when he comes back on the field from the bench is amazing. There was a distinct dropoff part way through the second half where both teams were grinding out sets and nothing was happening, I would almost say it was pretty boring, but literally the next set after Tamou came back on, the Panthers were over the advantage line, and on the attack in the Titans tryline. He can really lift the forward pack.

On the forwards, I think JFH needs a mention, he was an absolute machine on the weekend.

  • Played as a prop for 78 minutes (only coming off in the dying moments of the game).
  • Running 161 metres for 20 possessions.
  • 2 Tackle Busts and 2 Offloads
  • 42 tackles (with 93% accuracy, most tackle in the game)

The only downsides was 3 penalties and 1 error. He has a phenomenal work rate as deserves some praise for it.

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