R22 Titans v Panthers - Game Day Thread

there’s been too many of these come from behind victories
for it to be coincidental. Is it a superior fitness edge or are
we being coached to open up purposefully in the second stanza?
What am I missing. What do you blokes think?

None of the above Puss. They wait until the bookies have them at about 1000 to 1, Gus pops over to the TAB and the rest is history.


I went to the game yesterday and yes it really was a cow of a game. When katoa came off i could see a real change.
After a very hard week it was great to get the job done. It was hard for even us supporters coping it left right and centre. I think we’re the most hated club in the comp now but it was great to see the amount of supporters there yesterday. I reckon it was 50/50.

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I don’t know the reason, but it’s a double edged sword. So many last minute wins should give the team a lot of confidence. At the same time, it’s made them lazy & believe they can plsy for 15 mins and still win.

Don’t think it’ll work like that against the Storm, Rabbits or Chooks!

Glad to get the win, though. Now we’re in the top 4. Whether or not we stay there is entirely in our hands.

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I think part of it is that we have a young & immature team, who are making fundamental errors, but then backing themselves to get the points later in the game. Some of our recent games are more akin to the old Holden Cup scorelines.


I couldn’t agree more. He personifies the phrase ‘loose cannon’; some time in reserves needs to follow some direct coaching comments about personal responsibility.

That was awful - Glad I watched it to the end though, wanted to kick the TV in with about 10 to go…

Problem is, you can’t overlook that performance (or lack thereof) given our recent games, we are declining at a rapid rate and if we don’t change immediately, we will get pumped by 50 in the last round leading into the finals, then you can basically kiss the season good bye.

I was supportive of Jack prior to the game, he is a loose canon who needs to have a wake up call in reggies, no doubt has the ability, but doesn’t have any control.

The highlight, Whare creasing their 5/8, it hurt me he hit him that hard lol and I was a 1000kms away

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Of course it is clear we need to be better. But there are a lot of teams that would swap with us right now.

Would we have been happier if we had raced to a 17-0 lead and held on to win 17-16. When you score the points can make it ‘look’ better, but at the end of the game they give to 2 points to the team with the most points.

Must say, that was be far the best game by Whare since he joined us. Maybe he was tapped on the shoulder, or maybe he just likes Cameron better than Anthony :slight_smile:

Hetherington looking at a possible 3 match ban (2 with early plea), due to his bad record. Definitely needs to learn to control himself more.

Just hope CC reads this thread and southernhillfan in particular

Replace Katoa with Egan
DWZ to fullback, Peachey to centre, Blake to wing
Kikau to play the second 20 of each half from the bench.
Hetherington back to reserve grade
Maloney given a week off, May to 5/8.

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You probably will see Jack Hethrington suspended for the next two weeks for a high tackle charge, and I would expect scan will confirm James Maloney has a MCL Sprain and would be given at least a week off.

can Cleary cut it Steve, without someone holding his hand?

I think he can.

Maloney has taken a bit of a back seat over the last few weeks, by instruction or injury, I’m not sure. Cleary has been impressive in the last few comeback wins, as long as the forwards are on song and lay him a good platform we should be alright for the next few games.

Maloney wasn’t holding his hand last year. I think the Cleary/May combo will be fine.


article in this mornings Tele gave the impression the side had multiple contributors to (coaching) the task at hand. Ciraldo, Wallace, Gould, Brandy
lower grade coaches etc etc. Don’t too many cooks spoil the broth ???

Gus would be front and centre with the chest out and watermelons under the arms…look at me…look at me