Trent Barrett Returns to Panthers

Trent Barrett’s back: Exiled Manly coach lands a job at rival club

FOX Sports | 16th August 2019

Trent Barrett is back.

After a year in NRL exile, the former Manly coach has landed a new gig at a rival club.

In fact he’s going back to his old gig.

Barrett has signed on to be an assistant to Penrith coach Ivan Cleary from next season, returning to the club he left when the Sea Eagles job came up in 2016.

He was working under Cleary at the Panthers before being snapped up by the Sea Eagles to take the next step in his career.

Barrett coached the Sea Eagles to 13th place that year, 6th place and a qualifying final in 2017, and 15th place last year before being punted by the northern beaches club.

The end of his tenure last season was tumultuous, as reports emerged he had fallen out heavily with some of the club’s highest profile people.

Bizarrely, Manly kept Barrett on their books and paid two head coaches - alongside Des Hasler - until Barrett’s contract expired a month ago.

He copped plenty of criticism last week for publicly trying to claim credit for the Sea Eagles’ success this season under Hasler.

The Panthers are yet to officially announce the signing.


caught me by surprise this news. What does he bring to the club
we don’ t currently have ?

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one could argue he is the whinger to have when Maloney leaves.
i see no positive in going back to the past and sadly reemploying someone who was a failure elsewhere.

He might be a great guy but there would be plenty at Manly who measure how they are going this year to the barret years.
btw Alexander says he will be the “attack” coach.

HUH…so please explain what does the coach do?

This is a beautiful game, but its a simple game.

You have to outscore the other mob…and now we will have an attacking coach?

I think we are asking too much of boys and men who don’t have the capacity to understand the concept in players.

Nice and sincere as they are but in the main are not what one would call honour students.

It’s been said that he will work with the young halves group (Cleary, Luai, Burton, Blore) in providing experience and guidance in playing in the playmakers role.

Rumour is Wallace will be coaching Canterbury Cup next year

so they brought Barrett in to do something Ivan could’nt ?
If Ivan can’t get thru to his own son give Barrett the head coach role.

on what…what Barrett did at Manly?
seriously Barrett is a passenger and outside being a nice guy what does he bring to us.

what does he bring? … about as much as Cleary I’d say.
But if he works wonders with the ‘attack’ then how do U rate him?