Tyrone May pleads guilty

Tyrone May has pleaded guilty to 4 charges today.

Will be sentenced January 31

Not sure what these charges bring by way of sentence and would suspect the “guilty” plea was made with the sentencing in mind.

More broadly not sure where this leaves May and Panthers and of course all will depend on the actual sentence and whether its custodial or a good behaviour bond etc but still expect a conviction to be recorded considering the public mood.

Also will be interesting to see the NRL stance on this as he has now pleaded guilty…whether they look to de register him etc.

The doubt has now been removed by pleading guilty.

Being reported further he agreed to a plea deal with the Polic dropping 4 charges

Its worth noting

The offence of recording without consent carries a maximum three-year jail term.

a guilty plea, sentence pending, let’s move on.

Who was the team mate.?

Puss, what were you doing on the night of … :slight_smile:
Agree, let’s move on for now. Come February we will know.

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