Tyrone Peachey could depart Titans for Panthers within weeks

So, Blake out, Peachey in.

“salary cap pressure” ?

Peachey playin for nothin is he? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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And I imagine that there are enough Penrith juniors running around other clubs to make a fairly handy NRL side. It’s tough being a Penrith supporter, trying to make sense of this type of activity, year after year. What sort of mismanagement takes place that sends some of our best away? When we lost Alexander, Geyer and Fittler, our hoped-for decade of dominance (1990s) was trashed. One of the best players in 2019 SOO II (Graham) another Penrith junior. Gould was there in 1992; it seems his stamp is all around the situation that has been developing here over recent years. So, we on the outside just listen to the rumours, hoping for a few titbits of information from those in the know. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

what would be nice if the Board actually made a statement to supporters and sponsors about rumours swirling about our salary cap…it was Either Gould and them who go us here or both.

Frankly i am not interested in blame because its where we are but at least man up and be honest with the loyal diehards and sponsors about what condition we are in.

Just spell it out in black and white…if we have to cut more…say it out loud…if there has been some issues with players discontent…sayit out loud but take this opportunity to draw a line in the sand and tell supporters what we can expect.

All we see are players drifting away from the club when we were told over and over we were building…and that terrible 5 year plan nonsense Gould always trotted out.

And we still have the May issue to play out …maybe the club could make some comment on him

Like what is the process if he is either found guilty or innocent.

If his case is won by him…where does he fit in our “plans” for the future and are we losing players like Blake because he is still “on contract”

What a season and what an upheaval…and what troubles me…how many more may drop before June 30?

… you wanted a ‘reset’, looks like you got your wish !!!

I’m with you, SBF. For decades all we the supporter base has asked for is respect and honesty, within the normal bounds of corporate disclosure. And what do we really receive? We are treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed bullshit. It’s lucky for the club that supporters are an order of magnitude more loyal than the players.


Agree re supporters commentary, us die hards will be here forever, but it won’t take much more of this kind of garbage for ‘fairweather’ supporters to stop fully supporting. By this I mean merchandise, membership and attendance, only then it appears will the light go on!!!

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The news is that Penrith are claiming the players that have been released (DWZ and Blake) won’t be enough for Peacheys return. Unless these were backended contracts I think they using it as a tactic.

The reason I say this is that the Titans have been in contact in regards to the clubs interest in Peachey. The Titans really need to free up some cash in their cap, and may be open to paying part of Peacheys contract to see him out of the club.

With a Pectoral injury that will probably see Peachey sideline for most of the remainder of the season, this may not happen before the June 30 deadline and may be something that happens for the 2020 season. It depends on how much the Titans are willing towards Peacheys contract that will decide if it is this year or next year.

UPDATE: It’s off. Peachey won;'t be at the club in 2019. There are talks it will be in 2020, but at this point nothing has been discussed.

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